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Are you based at the Nottingham Squash Club Shop?

No, The Racket Surgery is not affiliated with Nottingham Squash Club Shop. I am an independent stringer operating in The Park and city centre area. Please do not leave your rackets with the club shop if you would like them to be strung by me!

How long will my strings last?

Unfortunately, I can’t offer a guarantee on the life of your strings. Even brand-new strings can occasionally break after limited use. Although I do not offer refunds for premature breakages, if you return your racket to me I will aim to reach an amicable solution with you. I try to be as fair as possible in these situations and will treat each case individually based on the particular circumstances (e.g. amount of use).

Do the prices listed include both the cost of the strings and the cost of re-stringing?

Yes, the prices are inclusive of materials and labour.

Can I provide my own string?

Yes, there is a standard labour charge of £12 for this service.