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Extreme String Tensions in Professional Racket Sports

Posted by Rob Marshall on 27th July 2019

A look at the professional tennis, squash and badminton players both past and present, pushing the limits of string performance.

Blog thumbnailThrough the history of professional racket sports, players have explored the limitations of what both racket and string technology at the time were able to offer. String tensions among the elite players have varied considerably, often to bizarre extremes intended to suit their particular playing style, exploit the latest in material development or simply give them the competitive edge over their opponents.

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How to Tie the Wilson (Pro) Knot

Posted by Rob Marshall on 30th June 2019

Step-by-step instructions for tying the Wilson (Pro) Knot, an alternative to the double half hitch.

Blog thumbnailThere are a variety of knots that can be used to tie off the end of a string. The double half hitch knot is perhaps the most common and is the simplest knot to learn. The Parnell knot and PC knot are also common alternatives, while some experienced stringers may even use a ‘signature’ knot of their own to mark their work. Whichever knot is used, it must secure the tension without damaging the anchor string (the string that is already installed and tensioned) and it must not come undone.

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How to Replace Broken Grommets

Posted by Rob Marshall on 27th May 2019

Step-by-step instructions for replacing individual grommets, to avoid having to replace whole grommet strips.

Blog thumbnailGrommets are designed to protect the strings in a racket. A broken or split grommet may present a sharp edge that can cut into the string. If the grommet is missing, the frame itself may cut into the string. This can put strings at risk of breaking, particularly on off-centre shots.

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Head Adaptive Fan Pattern (AFP)

Posted by Rob Marshall on 23rd May 2019

An overview of Head's unique squash racket design feature allowing two different string patterns.

Blog thumbnailThe Adaptive Fan Pattern (AFP) was originally introduced by Head with the Xenon squash racket series in 2016, but is now also available in their latest rebranded closed-throat squash rackets, the Radical series, and also the teardrop shape (open-throat) Speed series, both released for 2017/18.

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Bergelin LongString System (1986)

Posted by Rob Marshall on 11th May 2019

A history of the LongString system, a curious tennis racket design feature unfortunately now destined to obscurity.

Blog thumbnailThe MacGregor Bergelin LongString tennis racket was notable not only for its diagonal string pattern, but for its unique adjustable tensioning system.

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