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Price Lists

All prices described below include for stringing/fitting. The lists are occasionally updated to reflect changes in supply costs and availability, so be sure to check here for the latest prices. Quotes can also be provided on request for ‘hybrid’ setups or any specific strings not listed.

We are able to provide strings from all leading manufacturers, including Ashaway, Babolat, Head, Luxilon, Prince, Tecnifibre, Wilson, Yonex and many more. Any strings not listed below can be ordered in on request.

Ashaway logo SuperNick XL £21.00
Ashaway logo SuperNick XL Micro £21.00
Ashaway logo SuperNick XL Ti £21.00
Ashaway logo SuperNick ZX £22.00
Ashaway logo SuperNick ZX Micro £22.00
Ashaway logo UltraNick £23.00
Ashaway logo PowerNick £23.00
Ashaway logo MultiNick £23.00
Tecnifibre logo 305 £20.00
Tecnifibre logo Dynamix VP £21.00
Tecnifibre logo DNAMX
Tecnifibre logo X-One Biphase £23.50
RAB logo Sensor Fibre HD £18.50
Karakal logo Hot Zone £18.00
Salming logo Instinct Respons £18.00
Prince logo Synthetic Gut Duraflex £14.50
Pros Pro logo Dura Ace £12.00

Please click here for more information on the strings listed above.

Prince logo Synthetic Gut Duraflex £17.50
Prince logo Premier Touch £23.50
Babolat logo RPM Blast £23.50
Babolat logo RPM Hurricane £21.00
Volkl logo Cyclone £19.00
Volkl logo Cyclone Tour £19.00
Volkl logo V-Square £22.50
Luxilon logo Big Banger ALU Power £26.00
Luxilon logo Adrenaline £21.00
Wilson logo NXT £30.00
Toalson logo T8 £20.00
Solinco logo Hyper-G £19.50
Solinco logo Confidential £20.00
Yonex logo Poly Tour Pro £18.50

Please click here for more information on the strings listed above.

*** Regrettably, I am currently unable to offer badminton racket stringing. I hope to resume this service in the near future, but in the meantime please click here for contact details of other local badminton stringers in the greater Nottingham area. ***

Ashaway logo ZyMax 66 Fire £15.00
Ashaway logo Rally 21 Fire £15.00
Yonex logo BG65 £15.00
Yonex logo BG66 Ultimax £16.00
Yonex logo BG80 £16.00
Yonex logo BG3 £14.00

Please click here for more information on the strings listed above.

Ashaway logo SuperKill XL £23.00
Ashaway logo UltraKill 17 £24.00
Ashaway logo PowerKill 17 £24.00
Head logo Megablast £16.50

Please click here for more information on the strings listed above.

Re-string (if providing your own string) £12.00
String stencilling FREE*
Grommet repair FREE*
Grommet strip & bumper guard replacement £12.00*
Grip replacement (Karakal PU Super Grip)
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Blue
  • Red
  • White
  • Black
  • Red/White
  • Red/Black
  • Orange/Black
  • Yellow/Blue
  • Yellow/Green
Grip replacement (Head Hydrosorb Pro) £5.00
Overgrip replacement (Tourna Grip XL) £2.50
Grip enlargement (one size / half size) £3.00
'Power pads' (leather, price per pad) £0.10*
Vibration dampener £3.00

* With re-string; please enquire for details.

Grommet strips are specific to the racket manufacturer and model so are ordered in individually. Please note this will delay the return of your racket by 2-3 days to allow time for delivery. Grommet strips for older racket models may no longer be available from our suppliers, so in some cases unfortunately we will be unable provide a replacement.